Top 5 Fun Activities for Toddlers 12-24 month

     Playing with our kids is crucial to their developments it is how they learn. Once your child took the first step, learned how to wave “hello” and “goodbye”, spelled first words etc. you are now to be prepared for the next phase of development.
Do you want to have fun with your little one but your head is too busy with your daily duties. Here is the quick overlook of our favorite games with our little kids:

– Musical activities –

     Use spoons, rattles, sticks, cookware, bells etc. anything to make music. Show how to play with percussion instruments and let the child try by himself.
It develops coordination and musical skills.

– Ball games –

     Sit on the ground in front of each other with your legs apart touching your toes you can roll the ball backward and forward.

– Drawing –

     Great way to encourage your child’s creativity.
First steps to encounter your baby with a painting is to use their fingers. Plunge little hand into different boxes of paint and make the first amazing pieces of art. Further, as a child grows up to use various materials as stamps, leaves, shapes of cotton, stencils etc.

– Chasing games –

     Children like run away and chasing. If he catches you praise them with a hug or a kiss.Parents can pretend as they are big hungry dinosaurs.

– Pretend play –

     It’s very important game for emotional growth of your baby. It helps to work out feelings such as empathy. The Child puts himself in someone else shoes, playing the role of ‘mother” or simply acting like they are talking by phone etc.

     Every interaction with your baby is very important for his or her development.
     Teach your little angel, exposing him to age-suitable challenges, explain in understandable words about everything surrounding him. It’s a great way to bond with your little one. Plus, by expanding the knowledge we cultivate curiosity , eagerness to study and problem-solving skills.
     Just relax and have fun and you will find yourself generating new ideas of what you can do with your kid.

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