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Our brand was born out of a passion to create high-quality baby gear which is fun, organic, safe, and beautifully crafted. Each of our products is designed for the comfort and safety of your little angels. We have a deep desire to provide parents everywhere with baby gear they can trust.


As a newly launched company, we currently offer bandana baby bibs, but we plan to offer other products in the very near future.

Look for our store for swaddles, blankets, and so much more. Stick around our site to see our updated inventory. Our products are available from anywhere in the world, and we pride ourselves on on-time shipping that doesn’t cost a fortune.


The number one reason why you should choose us is that we always use the highest quality materials with attractive designs, and list our products for affordable prices.

Both parents and children benefit from our high quality baby products, and we guarantee you’ll love what’s in store. Browse our store today to discover better products, at the best possible price, and keep your little one safe and sound.

My 10-week-old baby boy spits up every time we change his position. He’s just a little fountain of wetness. These bibs totally contain the urp and keep his outfits more or less dry (sometimes, it flies out a bit and lands in his lap, but that’s not the fault of the bib!). Anyhow, prior to these, I was changing onesies about ten times a day. The bibs keep him so dry that I can just run through four of those a day and then wash them at night to be ready to go the next day. more…


I am currently 7 months pregnant and expecting a baby boy at the end of November. While I am unable to put them to the test until the baby arrives, upon initial observation, these bibs are of excellent quality and I am quite impressed!! I love the adorable designs and believe that they would be perfect for a baby boy but not too boyish or masculine if I have a girl.more…

Sarah Kelly

Really cute and stylish bibs for children. These bibs are gender neutral so they are perfect for anyone. They look gorgeous and fit their purpose. They are very soft and well built. They also come inside a nice pouch. The styles of these bibs are super cute and simple. more…

Rogelio G.